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CBD Super Cider®


Cannabinoid Herbal Remedy

Available in 8 fluid ounces, 1 oz shot and 1 oz CBD Super Cider Spray bottle.

This potent cutting edge organic concentrate combines high potency, Medical Grade, Full Spectrum CBD with powerful cannabinoid herbs. It’s loaded with ingredients known to boost energy, increase a sense of deep relaxation and erase pain.

  • 400 MG. organic, potent, full spectrum (whole plant), 3rd party tested, U.S. grown CBD, in 8 oz bottle.
  • All natural and delicious with no sugar and no artificial sweetener.
  • 100% organic, health promoting ingredients.
  • Available in THC-free, broad spectrum

This powerful Elixir with potent CBD has been formulated to help:

  • Promote calm and restful sleep.
  • Relieve joint inflammation.
  • Increase blood flow to the brain.
  • Boost natural energy.
CBD Super Food

CBD Super Food


CBD Super Food Energy Concentrated Powder Blend

What makes this formula unique?

The incredible combination of 23 Super Foods carefully selected for their high level of nutrients, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and healing components, combined with the most powerful water soluble CBD available in the marketplace, makes Rena’s Organic CBD Super Food an incredible and potent metabolic enhancing formula.

Just one delicious glass per day is all it takes to flood your customer’s body with powerful herbs, veggies, fruits and CBD bursting with Cannabinoids, anti-oxidants and phytochemicals to supercharge their health and boost their energy levels naturally.

Each container contains 30 servings.

Rena's Organic CBD 1500mg Tincture

CBD 1500 MG. Organic Tincture


Full Spectrum Cannabinoid 

Potent, pure, organically grown, medical grade, Full Spectrum, Colorado grown, 1500 mg CBD in MCT oil

  • Blocks nagging discomfort
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Helps your customers to feel calmer
  • Improves brain function
  • Boosts immune health
  • Assists in reducing inflammation
  • A powerful anti-oxidant to prevent free radical damage


CBD 600 mg. Tincture

CBD 600 MG. Tincture


Full Spectrum Cannabinoid

This tincture contains high quality, medical grade, Organic CBD at 600 MG. per 1 oz. (30ml) bottle, in MCT oil for best absorbability.

Our Rena’s Organic® organic, full spectrum, pharmaceutical grade CBD is of the highest quality, grown in Colorado and 3rd party tested to insure potency and purity. The plants used for Rena’s Organic CBD are specifically bred using select proprietary genetics to have a higher concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD).

The Super Critical CO2 extraction process we use, though more labor-intensive, ensures that every bottle is chock-full of the plant’s nutrients, terpenes, cannabinoids, polyphenols, protein and anti-oxidants.

Just a few drops under the tongue, daily, can turn the clock back and help your customers to feel younger, more peaceful and more energized.

Rena’s Organic® CBD 600 MG. tincture is pure CBD and oil with a drop of orange essential oil, absolutely no chemical “natural flavors” and no fillers.

CBD 1000mg pain relief cream

CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream


Consulting with top-notch researchers, we formulated Rena’s Organic® 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream as one of the highest potency pain relief CBD formula on the market. The quality and value of Rena’s Organic® is incomparable. More and more people are turning to extra strength, premium quality CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream with menthol for fast-acting, potent, long-lasting natural pain relief.

Rena’s Organic 1000 mg CBD Pain Relief Cream was featured in September 2019 on NBC-TV News, CBS-TV News, FOX-TV News and ABC-TV News, on stations across the USA, as one of the most trusted, reputable and efficacious CBD brands in the country.


Rena's Organic Anti-Aging Beauty Cream

CBD 1000 MG. Anti-Aging Beauty Cream


Rena’s Organic® 1000 mg. CBD Anti-Aging Beauty Cream soothes the skin, softens, moisturizes, firms, beautifies and improves appearance and complexion. At the same time, CBD is known for its skin healing properties.

This non-greasy, lightly scented cream is easily absorbed into the skin. We use organic, 1000 MG, highest potency full spectrum, USA organically grown, CBD infused with high quality ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Blood Orange essential oil, for maximum beauty and healing results.


CBD Pet Product

Rena’s Organic for Pets


Rena’s Organic CBD Pet Formula

  • Great for dogs, cats and horses
  • Relaxes nervous energy
  • Improves appetite
  • Increases overall wellness
  • Soothing and calming
  • Enhances your pet’s quality of life

One Ounce (30 ML) Tincture

Super Cider Spray 1 oz. Non CBD


Digestive Energy Herbal Remedy

1 fluid ounce

This potent cutting edge organic concentrate combines 7 powerful herbs with organic apple cider vinegar and organic cherry concentrate. It’s loaded with ingredients known to boost energy, increase a sense of deep relaxation and aid healthy digestion.

  • Convenient spray, trial size, with 165 sprays per bottle.
  • All natural and delicious with no sugar and no artificial sweetener.
  • 100% organic, health promoting ingredients.
  • Boosts natural energy.